Treatments to Get You Back in Motion

Vertigo & Concussion Treatments

Back in Motion Physiotherapy wants to help you overcome issues associated with vertigo, dizziness and concussions. With a dedicated staff using the latest equipment to help personalize your treatment, we can help you return to an active, engaged life. For more information on our services, read below or contact us in Abbotsford today.

Treatments for Vertigo & Dizziness

Your body’s vestibular system regulates your balance and helps you understand your position in space. When your vestibular system is compromised, you can feel dizzy, unbalanced and unmoored. You might also experience anxiety, nausea, even overwhelming fatigue. These symptoms can combine and severely alter your daily functions and your total life enjoyment. The source of these troubles can be hard to pinpoint, but many factors include car accidents, head injuries, falls and other traumatic events to your head. Our vestibular therapist will craft a personalized treatment plan to help you overcome these symptoms and return to the active, engaged life you once enjoyed. Your vestibular therapist will develop specific exercises and programs to help you recondition your head, body and eyes to retrain your internal systems.

Concussion Clinics

Early management of a concussion by attending a concussion clinic can be key to managing symptoms and preventing longer term difficulties. All of our clinics are accredited members of the Complete Concussion Management Inc. This is a network of specialist assessment and treatment centres for concussions. Your individual assessment will centre around managing your specific symptoms, providing timely interventions ultimately to help guide you effectively and safely through the return to sport/play/work/school protocols.

Our team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists and neuro-psychologists are also well positioned to treat long standing concussions, also known as Post-Concussion Syndrome. If symptoms have persisted past 30 days from your concussion, then expert, in depth assessment will help to reveal the cause of these symptoms.

Finally, we offer comprehensive multi-faceted baseline testing. Baseline testing is the most helpful and conclusive tool we have right now in order to determine if someone is ready to return to contact sport. We know that during the “vulnerable period” (ATP shortage) performance across many tasks is diminished compared to pre-injury. Performance is known to recover back to the pre-injury levels with increased time and rehabilitation; baseline testing allows us to access this information.

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