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Assessment & Treatment Options

Back in Motion Physiotherapy Clinic is your total source for a complete range of assessment and treatment options designed to help you regain mobility and improve your activity level. Based in Abbotsford with other locations throughout the region, Back in Motion Physiotherapy promises professional, personalized service at every turn. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our Abbotsford clinic!

Assessment Services

Basic team assessment with report

The physical therapy and Kiniesiology assessment identifies physical, functional and psychosocial barriers to return to work and is completed with the purpose of providing a baseline assessment to support entry into an active rehabilitation program. Following assessment of physical and functional status, specific recommendations are made, including rehabilitation plan and time frames.


Standard team assessment 

The team assessment is a clinic-based assessment provided by a physical therapist, occupational therapist/kinesiologist and psychologist. This assessment is indicated in cases where psychosocial issues are present and where significant functional limitations exist, requiring a comprehensive assessment with recommendations for further rehabilitation and/or return to work.


Complex team assessment with report

The team assessment is a clinic-based assessment provided by a physical therapist, occupational therapist, kinesiologist, physician and psychologist. This assessment is indicated in cases where complex medical and psychosocial issues are present and where significant functional limitations exist, requiring a comprehensive assessment with recommendations for further rehabilitation and/or return to work.


Medical assessment with report

The medical assessment provides medical and diagnostic clarification of musculoskeletal injuries or illnesses. The assessment includes review of pertinent medical information, physical examination with a focus on musculoskeletal signs and symptoms and client education. Recommendations for further rehabilitation and return to work are provided.


Occupational therapy assessment with report 

The occupational therapy assessment identifies functional and psychosocial barriers to return to work and is completed with the purpose of providing baseline information to support entry into an active rehabilitation or return to work program.


Rehabilitation Programs in Abbotsford 

Back in Motion’s team strives to reduce the impact of a client’s medical, physical, functional and psychosocial barriers to recovery by helping them understand the nature of their injury/illness, maximize their daily functioning and attain a successful and durable return to work towards a full and meaningful life. These services are provided from each of our Abbotsford, Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond and Vancouver locations.

Treatment Services

Customized Active Rehabilitation Program

The customized active rehab program is a clinic-based active treatment program, 2-5 days per week and 2-5 hours per day, depending on the client’s needs. The interdisciplinary team includes a physical therapist, kinesiologist and occupational therapist as needed. The goal of the program is to maximize function, provide active symptom management strategies and education and assist clients to return to work as clinically appropriate.

Services provided during the Active Rehab Program include the following:

  • Specific exercises to address musculoskeletal sequelae related to injury or illness, with a focus on flexibility, strengthening and cardiovascular fitness
  • Education on a variety of active symptom management strategies and assistance with utilizing these strategies at home and in the workplace
  • Education sessions addressing topics such as pain and stress management strategies, posture and body mechanics, sleep hygiene and principles of exercise (up to 8 topics)
  • Work simulation programs to increase or maximize capacity and tolerance for vocational activities
  • Return to work recommendations, with recommendation for an early transitional return to work, as clinically appropriate
  • Job site visits, return to work planning and gradual return to work implementation and monitoring (including job coaching) are also available, at a cost of $100/hour
  • A Progress Report is completed at the mid-point of the approved treatment sessions and will provides recommendations regarding further treatment and timelines/parameters for return to work, where appropriate. A Discharge Report is completed upon conclusion of the treatment program

$105/session - $100 progress report; $100 discharge report

Psychology Sessions

Psychological support is available if needed, as identified during the initial assessment. Clients may receive psychological treatment sessions as clinically appropriate, for the purposes of improving psychological symptoms and level of functioning, through the development of active, adaptive coping strategies. Psychological services are designed to support rehabilitation and the return to work process.


Team Conferences

In order to promote comprehensive communication among the treatment team, client and other relevant stakeholders, a team conference is beneficial, to ensure that the specific goals and expectations of the rehabilitation process are clear to all involved. These goals include timeframes and the discussion may also include possible consequences if expectations for participation in the program are not achieved.


Progressive Goal Attainment Program

PGAP is provided by an occupational therapist with the goal of reducing psychosocial barriers to rehabilitation progress while promoting re-integration to life-role activities, improvement in quality of life and facilitation of return to work. Includes assessments and up to 10 weekly sessions which focus on treatment of psychosocial risk factors, structured activity scheduling, graded-activity involvement, goal-setting, problem-solving and motivational enhancement.

$2100, 10 Weekly Sessions

Medical consult OR Medication Reduction Program

During an active rehabilitation program, there are circumstances in which medical issues arise and there is a requirement for further diagnostic clarification, medical treatment intervention, or specific guidance regarding medical restrictions and limitations. Additionally, the program physician may be involved in the development, implementation and monitoring of a medication reduction plan. The medical intervention is designed to support the rehabilitation and return to work process.

$750 Initial visit; $350 Follow-ups

Pain Management Program

A Team Assessment or Complex Team Assessment (see details above) is required prior to entry into this program. It is designed for clients with complex pain issues and presentation and multiple barriers to recovery. Support is provided by the Program Physician and Psychologist, to provide medical reassurance and a cognitive behavioural framework, respectively. Team conferences with all team members are included in this program.

Depending on the individual needs of the client, services provided during the Pain Management Program may include the following:

  • Active rehab program sessions (see detailed description above)
  • Weekly PGAP sessions
  • Weekly psychology sessions
  • Weekly medical follow ups (as appropriate)


Return to Work Prevention Services

An occupational therapist or kinesiologist provides these services, with the goal of initiating or supporting a graduated return to work, to achieve durability and case resolution. The following services are provided:

  • Job site visit with report
  • Job demands analysis with report
  • Return to work planning with report
  • GRTW planning, implementation and monitoring
  • Ergonomic/risk assessment
  • Job coaching at the workplace

Stretch, relaxation and education classes can be conducted to assist with injury prevention. Topics can include pacing, injury prevention and posture and body mechanics.


Cancellation Policy

  • No cancellation fee is charged if notice is provided at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment
  • Cancellation fee for hourly services: 1 hour of clinician time + clinician travel time (travel time applies only to no-shows where applicable, for example, job site visits)
  • Cancellation fee for flat services: 40% of flat fee

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